Health Retreats – Health is wealth.

As one of the leading companies in organising corporate travel, we understand the need for healthy lifestyle.  Apart from organizing regular MICE tours, Corporate Compass always wants its clients to be healthy and fit.  That’s why we encourage and assist our clients in planning a healthy holidays and outdoor corporate wellness programmes across India.  In today’s competitive business era positive and healthy workplace environment plays an important role in an individual and organisational growth.  Now a days all companies are becoming aggressive in terms of output and that leaves adverse impact on health of each end every employee or working professional.  Fast paced working environment, long working hours, irregular diet and heavy workloads increases the stress & tension in overall workplace. Corporate Compass addresses this problem effectively by carefully crafting tailor-made healthy / wellness holidays or outdoor workshops / programmes under expert guidance of our health specialists.  These programmes help in detoxing ourselves, focusing on our health and wellbeing & ultimately going back to workplace rejuvenated and more focussed.  Employees who undergo these retreats can expect boosted energy levels, increased positivity and in the end which matters the most in corporates ie productivity in long term.  Investing in wellness holidays not only ensures the wellbeing of an individual but also of the organisation as whole. These take home de stress practices are of regular use and it builds the healthy organizational culture.

Some of the Outdoor Health Retreat themes can be :-

  1. Detox yourself through stress management workshops
  2. Outdoor Yoga
  3. Dynamic meditation through Zumba & Poweryoga
  4. Sports is the best medicine