10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Corporate Team Outings

Providing a sweet break from stressful office schedules are the corporate team outings amidst luxury resorts and picturesque destinations. As much as these tours are fun, the corporate outbound activities do call for some codes of conduct. From taking a first aid kit to coming mentally geared up as a team, recognizing the pit stops on the way to not throwing garbage around, we have list important dos and don’ts of a simple corporate team outing or a corporate offsite tour.

1) Come mentally ready as a team
It is certainly a break away from the monotonous life, but do remember that this corporate team outing requires you to connect with the team members and function together as a group. The higher you are in sync with them, the superior are the chances of learning and standing out in the corporate outbound activities and also more significantly having a great time! So, come mentally ready as a team.

2) Wear comfortable clothing
The team building trainers would conduct activities that will require you to do a bit of running around and prancing about with fellow mates. To feel at ease and get better efficiency of the task assigned, it is suggested that that you wear comfortable clothes.

3) Follow the instructions of the team building trainer
The programmes of the corporate team outing are customized in advance keeping a definite agenda of building team confidence and augmenting employee skills in mind. Therefore, when the team building trainer is giving some instructions, however trivial or irrational it may seem, do listen and follow them. They only mean good.

4) On a wildlife excursion, don’t meddle with with animals in wildlife setting
Some of the outdoor training experiences might take you to a wildlife area. Do be watchful and respect the animal’s territory. Do not meddle with and mock the animals in their natural wildlife settings. Be it the monkeys on the trees or wildlife animals in forest that you see passing by during safari. Ensure to keep a safe distance from them.

5) In situation of any injury, notify your corporate tour operator first
As majority of the corporate outbound activities undertaken would need some kind of physical movement, it is advisable that you notify of any injuries that you are suffering from beforehand to the corporate tour operator.
Also do let them stay updated about any kind ailments like asthma, high/low blood pressure or anything similar you might be suffering from. Special arrangements would be done accordingly.

6) Strictly follow forest rules when on wildlife safari
Natural surroundings, particularly places like jungles come with specific guidelines as you are entering into an unexplored territory. Do follow the jungle rules to evade any unexpected situations. Pay attention to what the officials and corporate tour operator have to say.

7) Be with your office squad, inform your whereabouts
With your corporate team outing, you would generally be going to unusual places. In addition, the team building activities require the presence of all the office members. You would not want to waste time with other people looking for you.
It is wise to be with your team at all times. Tell them about your whereabouts if you wish to stroll around.

8) Carry light woollen sweater if you are going to a hill station
Most of the corporate outbound activities are conducted in an outdoor setting. If your outing is at a hill station, things might get a bit unpleasantly cold. To keep yourself warm and enjoy the programme at the same time, carry a light woolen sweater.

9) Get information about a place from your tour operator
Each destination comes along with its own set of guidelines. Be ready and know what is in store in advance.
Get information about the destination from your tour operator. In case any one individual requires some special arrangements, prior provisions can be made.

10) For a corporate beach outing, carry sunscreen or a cap
The sun, sand and the beach make for quite a pleasant experience. But the last thing anybody wants is to return home with an ugly sun burn which takes a longer duration to come off. Be wise; carry a sunscreen along with you. If you are one of those people who can’t take the continuous rays of the sun, carry a cap with you as well.