9″Strengthen the team chemistry in front of Campfire”

Corporate Camping
Corporate Camping

Being one of the pioneers in the field of outdoor camping in India, we have 15 fully established semi-permanent campsites and a chain of more than 30 associated campsites across India. Our campsites range from the ancient foothills of the Himalayas to the lush forests of the Western Ghats.

The camping experience is designed to suit the client’s request. We can organize a raw and rough survival camping experience or we can put together a luxury tent corporate weekend getaway. Accompanying activities too are organized based on what each corporate group needs. We organize camps with an end goal including team building camps and motivational camps through activities and group learning sessions as requested by the client.

Corporate Compass prides itself in being one of the leading camping organizers in Mumbai and offering some of the best camping tour packages in India. Camping is a fun activity widely acknowledged as one of the best means for a group to bond. We, at Corporate Compass, believe in creating a memorable and pleasant camping experience with a lot of fun, exciting games, live music, a choice of cuisines, and an overall relaxing ambiance in nature’s arms!

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Theme based camping options for corporates

  1. Riverside or Lakeside Camping
  2. Jungle Camping
  3. Island Camping
  4. Beach Camping
  5. Stargazing Camp
  6. Musical Camp

Offshoot :
Camping helps the team bond through perseverance and creativity. Learning is focused on optimum utilization of limited resources, the importance of effective communication, need to give and follow instructions for group survival, and effective skill set management. Tasks are assigned to each person as per their unique capabilities and thus, the team as a whole grows and succeeds. Camping helps bring out lateral thinking capabilities and creative problem solving skills. Moreover, camping encourages the team to learn to stick together, no matter the hardships, and survive in an unfamiliar environment by putting the other person first.

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