Corporate Outbound Training

What Is Corporate Outbound?

Corporate Outbound Training (OBT) is a training methodology rooted in experimental learning in the outdoors and is organized in an open-air environment distant from common settings, like a tour to a green countryside with serene terrain, trees, rocks and hills. 

Outbound Training comprises of an informal surroundings, bounded by nature and silence, where individuals turn more natural and thoughtful, leading to a comprehensive and effective learning process.  

Success, performance and behaviors all through outbound training activities are reviewed via a process of discussion known as debriefing, to recognize behaviors that boost performance or pave way to failure or low performance.

Strategies are developed to cope with factors that obstruct, and these strategies are then put to practice in the exercises that follow, to analyze their efficiency and eventually help the employees learn to change behaviors or processes back at office.

In the Outbound Training Session, the facilitator instructs the group to achieve a target, but does not give details on how to productively complete the activity. Participants need to work to get a solution independently and together as a team, and should communicate and gain knowledge from each other so as to be successful. The learning initiates with the experience leading to reflection, conversation, study and evaluation of the entire experience. 

The prime focus with the Outbound Training approach is to implant skills on organizational needs that include Team Building, Effective Communication, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Conflict Management, Quality Improvement, Mentoring as well as Talent Development. 

Structured Learning Cycle

The outbound facilitation comprise of well thought-out experiential learning cycle comprising of several stages such as:

1. Experiencing/Action
2. Analyzing and reflecting on the experience
3. Extracting learning from the reflection
4. Applying and examining the learning with active experimentation
5. Analyzing and reflecting on the active experimentation

Corporate Outbound Training- Customization & Delivery

Corporate Compass, one of the top team building companies offer a range of customization options for the outbound training sessions and outdoor team building activities as per demands of the client.

The works of many specialists and psychologists have been studied and exercised to design successful experiential training programs. The client can select his training delivery option and activity duration.

Corporate team building exercises, outdoor training or employee management/development workshops increase business performance through experiential learning. The outbound activities build an effective learning platform and different challenges. The adventure combined with activities encourage self-discovery and a dynamic insight into one’s self behavior and the team’s working pattern.

The debriefing sessions at the end of every outbound training activity facilitates in reflection, employee retention and absorption of concepts. Expert facilitators effortlessly help team members to co-relate the learning from these outbound activities to office issues.

The natural surroundings and outbound activities add to the entertainment quotient of the outdoor training. These team building program easily help in acceptance and participation of employees as well as openness to risk taking, coming out of comfort zones, experimentation, accepting feedback and adapting to transformation in behavior.

The outbound training exercises are also apt for cross-functional teams and across different hierarchies.

Benefits of Outbound Training:

Outbound Training programs have been found to be useful in increasing self-development, social and emotional growth, teamwork and leadership qualities.  Other areas comprise of behavioral change and personal efficiency.  

After spending time outdoors, team members are inclined to bond together in a way that is not likely to happen in concrete office space. These programs demonstrate that employees can become more organized, detaching their inhibitions, opening up easily and becoming more open to learning.

It also proves that irrespective of differences in cultures and ethnic backgrounds, employees can live and function together and that it is innate in human nature to be supportive. In an atmosphere such as this, it becomes easier for a smart and experienced executive coach or facilitator to recognize the weaknesses and strengths along with suggesting innovative coping behavior for challenging areas.

Some of the Benefits of
Outbound Training comprise of

  • Real-time and realistic knowledge
  • Self Development
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Team building
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Personal/Professional Effectiveness

Outbound Training for Competency Areas:

Our areas of skill development in Outbound Training comprise of:

Leadership Skills

Change Management

Giving Feedback

Delegation Skills

Motivation Skills

Creativity & Innovation

Problem Solving

Working in Teams

Team Leadership

Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence

​• Time Management

Confidence Building

Decision Making

Personal Impact

Assertiveness Skills

Goal Setting

Stress Management

Conflict Management

Interpersonal Skills

Listening Skills

Persuasion Skills

​• Team Bonding

Trust Building

Strategic Thinking


​• Negotiation Skills

Why Choose Us?

At Corporate Compass, we believe all individuals and organizations are unique and thus Corporate Outbound Activities must be customized in order to be most effective. Our approach is highly inclined towards experiential learning which serves a deeper purpose rather than just taking some team games and winding off the sessions for the sake of companies human resource initiatives.

Customers find our outbound training highly attractive owing to its affordable pricing, best value for money and guaranteed return on investment. Our main trainer is a certified coach, top practitioner, corporate leader with years of industry expertise. Ask us for a customized proposal today!

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