Why Corporate Team Outing?

A successful corporate team outing supports in strengthening bonds between employees, and gives them opportunities to correspond and mingle outside of the workplace. While team building exercises can be executed in the office, a corporate team outing removes certain communicative limitations that exist in business space.

Corporate Compass can bring the finest solutions and organize lot of fun team building activities and exercises for your corporate outing. We consciously put the emphasis on overall morale, positivity and individual growth as a team. Such outings do not have to be huge investments or take up long duration. They can be as good as a day trip or as grand as a visit & stay at a resort, but they must be effectual. The perfect corporate outing develops for your company, what is called as intellectual capital. Intellectual capital is the notion that forms an upsurge in the whole competency.

So are you stressed in getting more ideas for corporate team outings to make them successful? Corporate Compass has the ideal solution that can be custom-made based on all your needs.

Benefits Of Corporate Team Outing:

  1. Reveal Hidden Talents

Corporate outings are an opportunity for team members to participate in exciting, out-of-the-box games and activities which will support the team growing in areas such as communication and cooperation. It’s also a prospect for the team leader to understand more about their employees and help them reveal new talents. Activities that push your team members to do new things and channelize their hidden talents is a chance for you as a team leader to better make use of your employees skills within the office.

You may consider someone new for an assignment owing to how they performed in a scavenger hunt or will push your team to be a part of special task because of how they accomplished innovatively during a cooking class. After a team outing, you’ll be astonished at how differently you will think about your top-class team when you get back to the workspace.

  1. Create An Atmosphere For Team Bonding

Teams are only as dynamic as their leader and as a leader it can be easier to ignore the importance of team bonding. A dynamic team is more productive, lively and enthusiastic to work and extracting the time for team bonding is just as essential as meeting business deadlines. Corporate Team Outings are an amazing opportunity for team leaders and employees to unite and learn more about one another.

  1. Boost Productivity In the Office

Struggling with productivity is something most of the team faces. Whether it’s the holidays, external stress or in-office “coffee-break” talk, there are multiple hindrances standing in the way of team productivity. But who could have thought that you can develop your team’s productivity outside of the office too. A team outing is a best way for team leaders and employees to come together outside the office and build up skills that will help the group inside the workspace.

  1. Gift Employees An Entertaining, Mental-Health Break

Routine work-related stress can have employees feeling exhausted and as a team leader you have to hunt opportunities to give your team mental-health breaks. When one member is feeling low, the entire team can feel it and your well-fuelled machine is only functioning at 100% when everyone is feeling 100%. Find time for everyone to go somewhere out of the office together and let loose.

  1. Encourage Your Employees to Work Towards a Mutual Goal

Encouraging your employees can be a bit challenge, particularly if they are working on a assignment that the whole team isn’t excited about. Try encouraging your employees with a alteration of scenery and new, exciting goal to achieve. Team outing ideas such as scavenger hunts, escape rooms and murder mystery games offer your employees an opportunity to work together to attain a mutual goal that has nothing to do with work.

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Location for Corporate Team Outing

Corporate Team Outings are usually known for happening in big resorts and spas for leisure & relaxation, and perhaps a seminar or two, but that’s only one of many alternatives that are available to select. The second most popular include camping trips or even hikes, anything that includes green nature. While those might look conventional and cliché, connecting with natural surroundings is famous for its calming effect and for arousing senses of adventure.

Fresh ideas, that many millennials are also taking benefit of for fun and team enhancement, comprise of small attractions like Escape Rooms. In an Escape Room, employees are taken to a building where they are given details on the task or tasks that they must accomplish to solve their given mystery and get away from the room in which they are put in. These tend to take duration of an hour, so they can be exercised in addition to rest activities.

Planning A Team Outing

When planning a corporate outing, the kind of team building activity which is selected is just as essential as selecting a perfect team outing venue. It’s vital that all employees are able to interact during their team outing with these events, but they must be properly planned to go well with your team and your team’s shared goals. So, the questions are:

  • What is your team’s mutual purpose?
  • What are your priorities for your team outing, and are they similar priorities as your colleagues’?
  • What will connect and magnetize your team’s members while not building tension and stress?

Why Choose Us?

Corporate Compass allows you to choose from handpicked corporate team outing services, to make sure that you get the most out of your corporate day-out. Be it goal-accomplishment perks, office-founding anniversary or just an annual picnic – Corporate Compass have the perfect mix of action and leisure to make corporate team outings memorable.


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