“When in doubt, Pedal it out”-Grace Cooley

Corporate Cycling
Corporate Cycling

It is widely acknowledged that the levels of fitness of any employee are directly proportionate to the quality of his/her business output. As a result, a growing number of corporates are taking personal interest in ensuring that their employees get a good amount of exercise. Taking things a step further, Corporate Compass organises corporate cycling tour packages in Mumbai to help you and your team stay fit while having fun.

Cycling is widely accepted as one of the easiest and most fun group sports activities. Moreover, it often brings back memories of sweet childhood, for most of us, as we recall hours spent cycling with our friends. Why not bond with your colleagues and increase camaraderie while on a fun cycling trip?

Group cycling has its unique charm which often beats going on solo rides. Going on a solo ride can be a dampener for many. Activities are so much more fun in a group where you can motivate each other and celebrate your success together. We, at Corporate Compass, offer you a wide choice of cycling trips in India, ranging from various levels of amateur cycling to pro-level cycling expeditions. All our corporate cycle tours are led by experienced cycle riders who will guide you along the way and be your one point contact for any support and assistance.

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Cycling Themes for corporate :

  1. Midnight cycling – City on wheels
  2. Morning breakfast ride
  3. Coastal cycling rides
  4. Outdoor cycling rides
  5. Offroad cycling
  6. Mountain biking
  7. Cycling expeditions – long routes

Offshoot :
Cycling is one of the most popular group exercise activities across corporates. Sitting at a desk all day long can make your joints stiff, muscles lazy and lead to many health complications. Through cycling we aim to promote a fit lifestyle for different corporate groups. The learning outcomes of cycling include time management, group co-ordination, individual discipline, staying alert, and team engagement. Keeping up with the team, staying on track, signalling obstacles en-route to those behind, and slowing down to keep pace with the team are some of the other principal learnings to be taken from this activity. 

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