Want to relive your childhood memories of your school annual sports day? Now, you can. Corporate Compass organizes Office Olympics with a host of easy and fun games that can be played at your workplace.

The Office Olympic event is filled with a blend of group sports and some funny individual sports that all promise to boost team spirit. Games are easy and interactive thus helping your bond with your colleagues and work together to win the prize. Cheer on your teammates, as they participate, and get to the finish line to help your team come first and win an office Olympic medal. The Office Olympics are the perfect solution to organizations that are looking to get their employees engaged in a stress-busting and morale building activity. This activity is suited for an organization having a minimum of 150 employees; a larger number of participants ensures more teams and more fun.

Offshoot :
A mini version of the real thing, Office Olympics brings together a host of fun filled and competitive activities. The goal of the activities is to encourage healthy competition, strategize as a team, and work together towards the common goal of team success. Along the way, participants enjoy the activities performed in unison, boost the team spirit, motivate the team members who need encouragement and celebrate success as a joint effort. The thrill of achieving something as a team is unique in itself for it helps us understand that many people help us and support us on the path to success.



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