In this activity, you have to build a raft with your teammates and then sail in it. A raft race follows, in which you compete against other teams and aim to reach the finish line first. Thus, the purpose of the activity is to build a strong and durable raft, using materials provided, in a creative fashion.

The thrill of making something from nothing with your colleagues and later using that craftsmanship to win a race against the other teams is fabulous as a corporate bonding activity. Learn raft building techniques from your team of experts and put them to use as you and your team, aim to finish first while making sure your raft is sturdy enough to stand strong. Like all our corporate group activities, raft building too is performed under the supervision and guidance of experts. Raft building is an activity that shows how often success is truly a group effort.

Offshoot :
Raft building focuses on team work, co-ordination, task delegation, equal division of work and conflict management. It helps the team members understand how they can leverage their skills towards the team project while learning how to perform tasks that they are slightly less skilled at. Making something tangible as part of a team project is always a great way to bond. The result, in this case the raft, is a physical proof of the team’s joint effort to make a project successful. Participants acknowledge their colleagues’ efforts while feeling satisfied at their unique contribution to the project.



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