“Together, we learn and grow”

Corporate outdoor activities and tour have long been recognized as one of the best way to hearten team-bonding. Travel helps let off steam from a long, tough week meeting targets and deadlines. Moreover, the fun-filled sports activities bring along fun and learning. Corporate tours give leaders an insight into their team dynamics and help team members appreciate and learn from their leaders.
Corporate tours have greatly evolved over the years. Companies are becoming increasingly eager show their employees how much they are valued, by taking them to exotic and offbeat destinations. The goal is not only to learn and have fun, but also to carry memories and make friends for life. Here are some of the ways corporate tours have evolved over the years.

1. Diving outside the comfort zone
Corporate tours have evolved by pushing participants out of their comfort zone. Most of us are wired to stick to a schedule and routine we are comfortable with. While this leads to steady performance, it doesn’t produce anything meritorious. Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you discover your hidden potential to overcome fears and achieve what you though impossible. From simple office team games, corporate tours have moved on to include challenging activities such as fire walking, rappelling, skydiving, and even lengthy expeditions.

2. Not merely a sightseeing trip
There was a time when corporate tours involved going off for the weekend to Lonavala or Goa and doing a bit of sightseeing and shopping. Corporate tours have gotten a major makeover with companies taking their employees to offbeat locales so they can enjoy experiences they might normally indulge in. Colleagues truly bond and unwind with memorable activities such as tenting, rappelling, crime scene investigation, fire walk, and even expeditions to mountains and valleys.

3. Mixing adventure and learning
Spending long weeks in the boardroom, watching presentations and hearing talks can saturate the mind. In this situation, the only way to impart learning is by mixing in a bit of fun and relaxation. Conducting team sports and group activities help unwind, bond, and impart important learnings. Corporate outdoor games focus on learnings done as a team such as taking group decisions, being punctual, the importance of discipline and shared success.

4. Making fitness a priority
Gone are the days when a team outing meant spending a lazy day at a resort, chilling by the pool over Beers and Biryani. Day by day, companies are focusing on the importance of physical fitness in business productivity. So why not incorporate the same into corporate activities? Corporate team bonding events now include a wide range of sports that test and improve physical stamina including cycling, treks, fire walking, and office Olympics.

5. Not ‘me’, but ‘we’
A traditional corporate atmosphere brings to mind an environment of stiff competition. This often creates rifts in the work environment between colleagues and their seniors. Corporate outdoors events are designed to break this barrier and bring everyone together. Activities are designed to show the crucial elements of leading and following. Above all, current corporate tour events are designed are show how success is best when it is a group achievement. ‘We’ is always better than ‘me’.