Checkpoint challenges are a series of puzzles and games that test your physical and mental prowess. The main feature of the activity is that all the games are designed for team participation. The activities require that you put your efforts to the team for success. There is zero chance for a one man show.

Corporate Compass has enjoyed a fabulous response from companies looking to expose their employees to a challenging and fun activity that encourages co-dependence and bonding. We often it hard to bond or a connection with our colleagues inspite of spending the better half of our time with them, daily. Through our specially designed interactive checkpoint challenge routine, we help you bond by working together and celebrating success as a joint venture while accepting shortcomings as a whole group. Go ahead and include our checkpoint challenge in your corporate travel planner and experience the thrill of working together!

Offshoot :
Check point challenge thrives on teamwork. Focus lies on building stamina, time management, quick thinking, and taking important decisions under pressure: all of which are much needed corporate skills in todays’ world. Participants will discover how working together for the growth of the team is much more profitable than working alone for individual benefit. The activities are focussed on physical fitness and developing stamina as opposed to leading a sedentary lifestyle. The aim of check point challenge is to have the participating team bond well as help its members understand how they can contribute to each other’s growth positively.