Employee engagement is the nature of relationship between an organization and its employees. The engaged employees are enthusiastically driven and dedicated towards their work. Employee engagement ensures commitment of workforce to the company and hence, employee engagement has become priority of man corporate companies nowadays. Since, employees spend a considerable amount of hours at work, it is very important that employees are passionate about their job and keep on boosting their productivity. This in turn, makes the organization more efficient and effective. Another reason, employee engagement is needed for retaining talent. The employees should have a sense of belonging towards the organization and should remain with the organization for a longer duration. Overall, engaged employees work harder, efficiently and have a positive impact on the organization. There are many tools to engage employees and one such tool is ‘Corporate Adventure Tours’.


Going on an adventure tour is the best possible way of employee engagement. When on an adventure, one faces unexpected situations. Corporate Compass thus guide the employees in every aspect. During such circumstances the employees build a bond with each other, they learn life-skills and learn how to coordinate and cooperate with each other. Adventure tours help in bridge building process. All the employees develop a bond with each other, which further helps the organizations to grow organically. Intra-organizational communication takes place due to the bond developed during adventure tours.

Various adventure tours that lead to employee engagement are-


Trekking is the most friendly and feasible corporate adventure activity. The employees come out of their comfort zones and understand team dynamics. They learn to take responsibility of not just themselves, but their fellow counterparts as well. Skills such as quick decision making and risk taking are acquired, which further boost their confidence.


Wildlife tour comes under niche category that ignites survival instincts in employees. Not just that, the jungle teaches a lot about engagement. The observational skills are tested and by giving attention to minute details of the wildlife, the employees will learn the basics of team work, mutual trust and ability to resolve crisis.


Camping is an activity that enhances employee engagement. During camping, a range of challenges are presented to the employees. Later, behavior and communication done during challenge is assessed. Thus, camping boosts communication, trust, leadership skills and helps in identifying team strengths.


Rafting is an experience that blends thrill and adventure with the process of learning the importance of assisting each other. The core essence of river rafting sport is team work and hence it is the best employee engagement event.


Fitness of the employees is a very crucial factor for the success of any organization and cycling is the most enjoyable way to stay fit. When employees will paddle and see the world together, their team morale will be developed.


Rappelling is an adventure sport that requires one to push limits and overcome mental blocks. The sport helps to acquire risk-taking ability and gain confidence. Besides, the employees learn to motivate each other. As corporate adventure tours are emerging as a new tool for employee engagement, Corporate Compass is utilizing this new tool to the fullest. Also, the safety of all the members is our top priority of our adventure tour operators and thus excels in providing a memorable experience through corporate adventure tours.

We Corporate Compass conjure up and outline the itinerary in such a way that all the exotic places are covered within the given time period. We are well skilled and will guide you throughout the journey.

We assure the safety and care of your colleagues and make the tour more interesting and fun-loving. Thus, Corporate Compass is one of the best adventure tour companies whose aim is to make your trip more effective and efficient.

Watch out for more such exciting upcoming trips. Join/contact/book us and design your customized trip as well. Happy Travelling!