Corporate Outbound & Team Building Training

Thousands of companies are already conducting the same old-fashioned corporate outbound with repetitive and boring team building activities. What makes Corporate Compass unique is our approach in conducting these outbound or off sites tours. The heart of any such corporate outbound program depends upon what exactly is the result. What is the learning? How it is applicable in the real corporate world?

At Corporate Compass, we believe all individuals and organizations are unique and thus Corporate Outbound Activities must be customized in order to be most effective. Our approach is highly inclined towards experiential learning which serves a deeper purpose rather than just taking some team games and winding off the sessions for the sake of companies human resource initiatives.

Under these Corporate Outbound Activities, the motive is simple. The companies want their employees to conquer the challenges in an indefinite surrounding and function as a team to resolve the situations put in front of them. By developing skills with these Corporate Outbound activities, the employees are able to utilize them successfully at workplace. Every activity teaches the employee a positive value that could be added to the work that is been taken up by the employee at the workplace. By learning through this kind of experience, you are sure to hold back more at the end of the day.

We execute these activities in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Understand The Need
We speak to the stakeholders and understand the learning needs. We co-create our learning interventions with you. We understand the need in depth and analyze it from every angle possible.

Phase 2: Program Execution
We finalize the learning design and facilitate a learning environment for our learners. The methodology of each program may vary depending upon the need. Our industry experts are one of the best in experiential learning sector. We take utmost care of participant’s safety and deliver high energy learning programs which are full of entertainment, thrill and excitement.

Phase 3: Assessment
Any outbound is incomplete without de-briefing. Debrief is like an eye opener where our facilitators having vast knowledge ask the participants program related questions. They extract the learning and connect them with the identified needs. Learning is a nonstop process. We are happy to track the agreed learning objectives as a separate assignment.

Team building for us would be getting employees’ together working towards for a common organizational goal. We believe in catering quality learning & giving best experience to our clients so they get back to their offices with new values and motives which are in line with the organizational goal. Though assessment is an integral and most important part of any program, type of activity is equally important. Corporate Outbound Activities and Team Building are divided on the basis of HR initiatives like Motivation, Leadership, Innovation, Induction, Creativity, Campus to Corporate Connect to name a few.

At Corporate Compass, our main objective is to endow with a unique corporate outdoor training facility that neither lacks equipment, proficiency nor space.

Our Corporate Outbound Activities is based on experimental learning model and comprises of team building activities where participants go through a number of challenges and hurdles and have to work together to overcome them. The corporate team building training programs are practical, engaging, entertaining, thrilling and utilize adult learning methodology. Each corporate team building activity has an organized approach to draw out specific learning’s and fix them back to the real life work areas.

The team building trainers lets the individuals and groups discover their hidden talent and strengths in a safe, protected and helpful learning atmosphere.  ​In an offsite team building activities, the learning process is planned and starts with the experience followed by reflection, conversation, analysis, connection and application of the intense learning’s back at the office environment. 

Further, company team building outings usually revolve around experiential learning activities designed to boost leadership, communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, cooperation and motivation. Participants are separated into teams and allocated tasks or team building games for completion in a definite time frame.

​Corporate Compass is one of the best corporate team building companies that firmly believes in delivering impactful team building activities for organizations that can be the key element of forming a tight knit, successful and high performance teams. These corporate team building events are facilitated by senior trainers and management experts who have combined industry experience of over decades in team building outings and who have been delivering leadership and senior level training’s for beyond a decade. 

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