Corporate Travel Management

A Finest Corporate Travel Management Solution

Organizing your corporate travel isn’t a side job for Corporate Compass. We do not own hotels and we definitely don’t manage credit cards. Business travel management is our only emphasis.

From travel policy conformity to the utmost level of custom-made service, Corporate Compass work with you to make sure that your company yields the maximum for every travel dollar spent.

Your travel agenda isn’t cookie-cutter and must not be treated like just an added number. Your business travel requisites are distinctive to your business. That’s why we collaborate with you to help plan, implement, monitor and administer your corporate travel program to go beyond your traveler’s expectations and by and large company goals.

Cost Savings With Travel Policy Development & Compliance

Development and implementation of your corporate travel policy is key to realizing cost savings with your business travel programs. Our corporate travel management team works with you to execute your travel policies, give advice on areas of possible upgrading/further savings, compliance and execution.

As one of the leading corporate travel management companies, we take on-board highly experienced professionals who set up your business travel program and partner with your team to:

  • Create/optimize business travel program plans
  • Negotiate with vendors for best prices
  • Keep you updated with corporate travel trends
  • Carry out benchmarking analysis

All of this guarantees that your corporate travel program’s bottom line is reduced while you’re by and large objectives surpass your expectations.

Deliver More For Your Employees

Your travellers are team members first. You ought to keep them safe, occupied and productive with travel services that work in their favor and your company. Corporate Compass has a wide range of corporate tour packages and travel services which are available to help keep your team emphasized on your business goals.  

You will not lack knowledge when you need it the most, and we make sure you pay no attention to the concerns that would otherwise deepen the stresses that can sometimes be related with business travel.

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Services & Benefits Of Corporate Travel Management:

  • Air/Rail Ticketing
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • City Tours
  • Private Airport Transfers
  • Passport & Visa Facilitation
  • Car/Bus Rentals
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travel Insurance Assistance (Through Partners)

Technology Designed for Your Success

Our internal technology team personalizes the latest in corporate travel management technology to fullfill your company’s individual requirements. We give your corporate travelers user-friendly access to administer their travel in an online booking tool acknowledged with your company’s look and feel.

Quality control of reservations is offered at each level, including policy compliance, lowest available fare, favored vendor usage and lots more.

Corporate Compass: Managing Your Business Travel 

Corporate Travel Agents: You have partnership to the industry’s most experienced agents – every minute of each day of the year. Our corporate travel agents are at no times outsourced and are well-informed on your unique travel policies.

Account Management: Your ultimate tool for a well- efficient corporate travel program.

Executive Team: Our executive team invests more than 20 years of collective corporate travel management experience towards your success.

Technology: From the most advanced and bespoke online booking tools to online updations, it’s all designed to enhance your program and make your travel experience smooth.

History: Corporate Compass is one of the premiere corporate travel management companies and one of the first companies in Mumbai to work for the corporate travel sector. Since a decade, Corporate Compass has been focused exclusively on enhancing the corporate travel experience.

With Corporate Compass as your business travel guide, you will be offered proven technology, skilled corporate travel agents, creative cost savings solutions, and a privileged level of customer service.

Why Choose Us?

As the industry leader in the business travel segment, Corporate Compass understands the intricacies of modern-day business travel and most importantly, your business travel needs. 

Our comprehensive range of travel services endows us with the opportunity to provide personalized and distinctive solutions to every client. After years of managing corporate travel, we’re able to attain unbeatable value and finest experience for our clients. And we can go beyond that by working closely with you to formulate a corporate tour package tailored to your needs.

At the heart of everything we do, lies our concrete belief and faith in ‘Responsible & Safe Travel’. Right from the tours we design to the vehicles you book, we believe in discovering new travel experiences in culturally and environmentally responsible way. For you. For us. For the world. Come, join us in this quest. 

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