Always wanted to play the roles of the crime mystery solving detective Sherlock and his sidekick Dr. Watson? Well, we have just the right thing for you! A crime mystery now steps right out of the detective novel and into your boardroom.

Corporate crime scene investigation activities and games are fast proving to be very popular corporate outing and events idea, among employees and senior management alike. Who doesn’t enjoy watching detective movies at the movies? The fun of actually being to participate in solving a crime scene mystery is a thrill of its own. The activity is challenging, forcing each participant to think laterally, use effective communication skills and observe carefully to solve the mystery. Like with many other activities, crime scene investigation is a time-bound one with its primary focus on thinking coolly and staying calm under pressure. Much needed skills for any corporate organisation!

Offshoot :
Getting together to solve baffling crime mysteries holds a special thrill and sends a wave of adrenaline rush. The purpose of this activity is to encourage people to think outside the box. A crime scene investigation never offers direct and easy clues. Therefore, you learn to apply logic, think creatively, take quick decisions, and apply cryptic knowledge to resolve conflict. Team members also learn the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. This activity also shows how we must never make our next move a predictable one: a skill that is of utmost importance in the extremely competitive corporate sector.