“It’s not the Mountains we conquer, but ourselves– Sir Edmund Hillary

Our expeditions are of greater challenging levels than treks. With each expedition lasting anywhere between 4 days to 20 days, we take corporate groups on a truly memorable journey of the mighty Himalayan and Western Ghats regions. The expeditions options range from easy grade expeditions for beginners to tougher terrains including the Everest Base Camp and Chadar Frozen River Expeditions.

Himalaya trekking is an extremely popular albeit tough activity to head out into. It is especially more challenging when you head out with a large group. You ned expert guidance and organisation to simplify the process and make the trip a truly memorable one. Moreover, you need an expert helping hand for those difficult situations which tough climes can bring along. This end to end expert guidance is what Corporate Compass offers you.

From Himalayan expeditions designed exclusively for beginners, to adventure survival camping in North India and tougher treks in the Western Ghats and the Northern ranges, we organise it all. Each expedition is designed keeping in mind your needs: the experience of the participating team members, the number of days you have at hand and the weather conditions. Ultimately, we want this to be an experience of a lifetime for you.

Recommended expeditions for corporate :

Most of the expeditions are conducted in Himalayas, Sahyadri ranges and Western Ghats. Following are the popular destinations to list a few.

  1. Chandrashila Peak Expedition – Uttrakhand
  2. Kedarkantha Expedition – Uttrakhand
  3. Roopkund – Uttrakhand
  4. Great Lake Expedition – Kashmir
  5. Chandrataal Lake & Hampta Paas Expedition – Himachal Pradesh
  6. Sarpass Expedition – Himachal Pradesh
  7. Kheerganga Expedition – Himachal Pradesh
  8. Triund Expedition – Himachal Pradesh
  9. Sandakphu Expedition – West Bengal
  10. TransSahyadri Expedition – Maharashtra
  11. Dudhsagar Waterfall Expedition – Western Ghats

Offshoot : 
A tougher version of trekking, expeditions aim to promote team spirit and growth in adversity. The expedition activities help the team members and their superiors involve in mutual decision making, get ready for uncertainties in unfamiliar terrain, and stay together no matter the hardship. The activity also focuses on limited resource planning and the importance of effective communication between colleagues. Team members are encouraged to think as a group and not individually with focus on group consciousness. Successes are the result of teamwork and failures are also attributed to the whole group; no result is blamed or credited to a single person.

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