We face many crucial situations, on a daily basis, that require us to think tough and act smart. Undergoing a survival training workshop will help train your body and mind to work smoothly in sync, even under pressure. Most importantly, this activity helps you learn to master your thoughts and thereby reduce stress even when you are faced with many obstacles.

Corporate Compass organizes outdoor survival training and corporate survival camps to help toughen your body and spirit. Come with your colleagues and leaders to learn the basics of wilderness and marine survival. Help and rescue your teammates in order to boost your own chances of survival. Participate in an exciting mix of fun and strenuous activities that you to work together as a team to face the odds. Our corporate team building activities in the wilderness, make for the ultimate training in leadership skills, motivation building, logical reasoning, and innovative thinking.

Offshoot :
We may wonder why a corporate worker requires survival training? Though we dont realise it, our daily lives are filled with many situations which need us to take quick decisions under minimal stress. Survival training teaches you to get along and move on with minimal gear and resources. As a team undergoing survival training, you will learn to think as a unit, take decisions under pressure, make optimum use of limited resources and focus on decisions that benefit the team. Skills developed include the determination to succeed against all odds, the power to think logically under pressure, and the courage to move ahead.