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This pandemic has changed the Employee Engagement landscape altogether. When personally, it’s taking a toll on the mental & physical health of employees, the professional scenario needs to be better. 
Employees working from home are getting more and more disengaged due to random work hours. The bond between them is getting weaker and frustration is getting piled up due to increased work pressure ultimately resulting in less productivity and more attrition. 
We are addressing the above problems through virtual employee engagement workshops. Happy & productive employees is what our target is.
Virtual Employee Engagement is relatively new concept for corporates based out of India. Though it’s there in the other parts of the world from quite a long time, “The New Normal” intensified its requirement for all. 

Virtual Employee Engagement is a vehicle which brings remote employees closer. Remote should not mean distant. The constant evolution of technology has made things easier for us then never before. Unlike earlier, employees and professionals are aided by collaboration tools. Using such tools in the most engaging way for interesting activities with additional layer of gamification is what virtual employee engagemet is. 

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1. Million Dollar Challenge

As an alpha team of wealthy kingdom, teams must prove their worth to the king. Teams will get an opportunity to invest a whopping 100 million dollars in various tasks. Challenge is to maximize returns by completing various mental and physical tasks given by the king. 

Duration : 1.5 – 2 Hours 

Ideal Team Size  : 8 – 300

2. Auction Premier League

Participants will take the roles of cricket team owners. They will compete against other groups to try and build the best cricket team in an exciting live auction. T​hey will have to plan & take decisions together to allocate limited resources in a volatile & uncertain environment. ​

Duration : 1.5 – 2 Hours 

Ideal Team Size : 8 – 64

3. Funtakshari

It is a musical journey based on Bollywood songs and movies. Funtakshari uses cinema to strengthen the team bonding in the most engaging manner. Its not the traditional antakshari as it has lots of twists and turns. The best part is employee families also gets engaged. 

Duration : 1 to 1.5 Hours 

Ideal Team Size : 8 – 64

4. Virtual Wingo

Virtual Wingo is when slot machine meets Bingo. It is a game up and replacement of traditional Tambola with an enticing Vegas Theme. Simple, engaging & skillful Wingo challenges decision making skills of you and your team. Are you ready for “Dimagwali Housie?”  Tip : Its really addictive. 

Duration : 45 Mins

Ideal Team Size : Unlimited 

5. Virtual Treasure Hunt

You have been working with Artifacts Bureau. You find a map that
holds the path to the lost treasure. However, the MD – Mr. Roy, has
anti-national agenda. He wants to sell the treasure. Can your team get the treasure for the interest and pride of your country?

Duration : 1 Hours 

Ideal Team Size  : 12 – 500

6. The Escape Room

You are a top ranked detective. You are extremely close to solving a high-class
murder case. A tip leads you to the office space of a suspect. You enter the office room AND slam, the door shuts on its own. Seems like you have fallen into a trap. You have limited time to escape the room. Can you escape ?

Duration : 1 Hour 

Ideal Team Size  : 8-500

7. Kitchen Drummer

Unique activity designed to deliver a high energy, interactive and engaging experience to its
participants on the other side of the screen. This New Age
format of a drum circle brings nothing but joy to its delegates.

Duration : 30 Mins 

Ideal Team Size :  Unlimited

8. Guesteamate

A virtual gameshow where trivia meets roulette. Trivia questions will be thrown to the teams. To win the game, teams needs to score maximum points. The twist is that they necessarily do not need to know the right answer although they will have to bet on the team who knows the answer.

Duration : 1 Hours 

Ideal Team Size  : 12 – 500

9. Time Machine

How much treasure can teams collect from past, future & present? Teams need to choose from 2 different paths. Easy but long or short but difficult. Teams have to complete multiple puzzle levels on each path to find maximum treasure. Are your teams ready for time travel in our Time Machine ?

Duration : 1.5 Hours 

Ideal Team Size :  12-500

10. Tough Deal

Participants will take charge of 4 different teams : Cricket franchises & agencies. They will try to get best value for their players or their money in an exciting live game that will include a public auction & private negotiations. 2 teams are talent agencies and 2 teams are cricket franchise. Teams will try to get the best deal for themselves.

Duration : 2 Hours 

Ideal Team Size :  8-24

11. Mountain Racer

Teams have to choose suitable members for their climbing team and procure the appropriate equipment to reach the top of the mountain. They have to access to previous climbing campaigns – both successful & unsuccessful. They need to analyze the information and take decisions together to complete the mission. 

Duration : 2 Hours 

Ideal Team Size : 8-30

12. Connect The Dots

Get ready to put your thinking hats on as we are literally going to ask you to connect the dots. Participants will play a fast paced game of finding the connections between things that looked unconnected. Can they spot the pattern & trend ? Best suitable for teams looking to enhance critical thinking, pattern finding & analytical thinking. Lets get ready to connect the dots. 

Duration : 1.5 Hours 

Ideal Team Size : 8-30

Here is what people are saying about us

Great virtual team building event at the million dollar challenge which suits the current working environment whether you are at home or in the office. Good fun had by 150+ company staff. Recommended.
Laure Bourguignon
ILF Group, Abu Dhabi
Its necessary for everyone to be out of comfort zone and corporate compass manages to do that...Engaging exercises.
Sairaj Sharma
I attended the online session during lockdown. It was really very helpful as it focused more on teamwork efforts. It brought smile on our faces and we also got a good moral of the story at the end. 😊 Thank you very much. Keep up the good work. 👍
Mayur Trivedi
Servosys Solutions
A great experience to connect with the office team during the lockdown. Corporate Compass planned very well to arrange a corporate learning game for us with the help of which each of us connected out of work.
Reiner DCosta