Safety Tips for Solo Business Trips

According to the Global Business Travel Association, 503 million business trips took place in 2016, which is up from 488 million the previous year. Most of those include solo business trips that can leave the traveler on their own, in an unfamiliar city, which can be uncomfortable and possibly unsafe. Before boarding your plane, catching a train or hitting the road in your car make sure you prepare yourself with safety tips that can help keep you safe.
Here are a few tips on how business travelers can stay safe while on solo business trips.

Research your travel destination and hotel – Most of the time travelers don’t have a say in what city they are visiting or which hotel they are staying at, so be sure to do your research well before heading out on your trip to find out more about the place. Checking out reviews online is a great way to get first-hand information about visitors’ experiences so you know what to anticipate or what to be aware of. It is also essential to locate where the closest police station and hospital are in case of any emergency.

Keep in touch – Let family or friends know your travel plan and where you’ll be staying in case they need to contact you or they notice something off and need to inform the authorities. It doesn’t hurt to periodically check in with a text or email either to just to let them know you are alright.

Don’t make yourself a target – Try to avoid having both headphones in when listening to music while taking a trip or getting around the city you are visiting. Not only it can be distracting and keep you unaware if someone is showing up from behind, but it can also alert pickpockets to the fact that you have a phone or music player on you. Moreover, leave expensive jewelry at home.

Don’t overdo it – Many times business trips have downtime where you can check out the city or enjoy a drink at a local club. Be sure to stick to known safe places in the city and don’t go overboard with the drinks. It’s necessary to keep your head on straight and stay watchful, especially since you are alone. If possible, do your exploring during the daytime and stay close to your hotel during the night.


Travel cost

Making corporate travel savings might seem like a challenging task– especially if you have lots of employees flying to various locations at different times. But there is a process to keep your expenses down without compromising on traveler safety or services.

With a smart process in place, you can save a lot of money on every trip– and make both your travelers and your stakeholders satisfied. Check out 10 of the most reliable ways to reduce your overall corporate travel expenditure.

From booking airline tickets to meal allowances and managing expenses, there’s a lot to think about when setting out a corporate travel policy. That means there’s plenty that can slip through the net. Have a close look at your present corporate travel policy and think about whether it’s strong enough to deal with every area of travel expenditures within your company.

Focus first on getting the basics right– a proper approvals procedure, in addition to guidelines on reservations & bookings, on-site expenditures. Creating clear procedures will assist your business travelers to make decisions that stay within your policy and don’t incur extra costs that impact your bottom line. 

Some of the simplest ways to lower your corporate travel expenses are by having an approval process in place for every booking. By making it clear who really needs to give approval for travel, you won’t have the problem of trips having to be canceled after they’ve been booked, causing wasted expenditure.

If you associate with a travel management company, make full use of their Online Booking Tool. This must give you better oversight when it comes to controlling travel arrangements.

Airline tickets can be costly, so be wise about which ones you book. You could save just by being flexible on the dates of traveling and airline company you use, and by booking Economy flights only. Though, once you book it’s usually cheaper to have a fixed itinerary. Only buy flexible tickets that offer you an option of return dates if they’re absolutely necessary for your trip.

Hotel rates can vary enormously, even within the same area, so being smart can deliver huge savings. You may decide you want to let your business travelers choose where they wish to stay. That’s absolutely fine– just make sure you set a budget limit or star rating. 

You might experience that giving employees control over their food and transport expenses can actually lower overspending. Meal expenses can be set as a total allowance per day, giving the employee the choice of how much to spend separately on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There’ll always be exceptions– so keep that five-star restaurant aside for your high-profile business meetings. When it involves transport, you should clearly advise employees to choose the most economical method, considering journey time. This could include using their own vehicles to travel from A to B and then reimbursing them.

This is the golden principle when it involves saving money in any sense. In the world of corporate travel, it’s always a good idea to book flights and hotels in advance as they can significantly increase in price nearer the time.

Added charges like Wi-Fi and parking easily add up to give you a nasty surprise at the end of a business trip– especially when you thought everything had been taken into account. Many business service providers can bundle these charges into one combined package, helping you add them into your budget forecasts and keeping you in control of your expenses.

If your business travelers are devoting less time arranging their trip, they’re devoting more time working– which is good for your company. Making their trip run as smoothly as possible at every stage will enable them to stay productive during their trip.

Hiring a corporate travel expert can really control your overall business travel spend. As experts in the field, at Corporate Compass, we deal with global organizations to execute customized travel management programs and services– and our industry-leading travel support can save you time, money & stress.

Whenever your travelers pick a more affordable option, they’re saving the company money. Throughout a year, that can really add up. So how about offering them an incentive to deliver further savings? It could be a voucher for their favorite shopping center, a part of the savings, or break– just some way of thanking employees for cutting down your travel costs and motivating them to keep doing it.

Corporate Event Management: Should You Plan In-house or Outsource?

Have you been assigned to organizing the next annual sales conference? Organizing an exhibition? Setting up a product launch party? Designing the next company annual retreat? Whatever the objective of your next corporate event, you know that planning is critical. Even the very best-laid plans can be susceptible to problems, but a less than perfect event planning will make problems inevitable.

Lots of people outside of the meeting planning world believe that corporate event planning only includes choosing a venue, selecting table linens, and finalizing food menus. We understand that event management is so much more than that. The time invested in negotiating hotel prices, getting room blocks, booking group air flights and ground transportation, and event registration can be more than overwhelming.

Depending upon the size of your corporate event, you may feel that handling all the details yourself will provide you better control and save your company money. So how do you know when to deal with your meeting planning by yourself or when is it better to get some help?

Can You Manage Your Own Event?

Are you ready to not only organize the entirety of your event but also ensure its success? Before you respond, ask yourself the following questions:

Will the planning of this particular event put you or your team actually behind on any other responsibilities or projects?

Does your team have the experience and capability to assist in every part of the event including (but not limited to) traveling arrangement, accommodation booking, equipment logistics, budget formulation, program management, venue coordination, event marketing, and registration?

Does your company have any well-established connections with vendors to help bargain the best prices?

Is your company trained to deal with any emergency situations that might develop both at the event and while your participants are in transit?

Does your company have the tools and technology required to not only successfully handle the event but also monitor and report vital measures of success?

Are there some other potential disturbances or priorities you or your team might face that could endanger the success of the event?

If you are not able to confidently answer “yes” to all of the questions above, you might need to consider outsourcing your next corporate event

The Benefits of Outsourcing

It might seem frightening initially to delegate your event planning to an outside agency. Though, it’s necessary to know that corporate event planners craft events to especially match the requirements and requests of their customers. Basically, outsourcing your corporate event keeps you in creative control without having to bother about the logistical nitty-gritty.

An event management agency can help you:

Save money: An event organizer can (and will) utilize their industry knowledge and connections to help you secure the best prices when it comes down to hotels, flights, dining, and more.

Coordinate guests: An event organizer will synchronize your guest’s registrations, airline flights, and hotel bookings all under one roof through professional service and cutting-edge technology.

Manage your budget: Corporate event planners and managers work within your budget and make sure that all spending is accounted for.

Stay compliant: Corporate event planning agencies adjust to your industry-specific demands 

Research venues: An experienced event planner will help you choose a location that completely suits your company’s needs.

Handle an emergency: Experienced event and meeting planning experts will prepare crisis response strategies before an emergency takes place and often continue to monitor any potential threats to guests both during the corporate event and while they are in transit.

Measure actionable success: Event management companies use modern technology to monitor and report important data like airline flights, hotel usage, attendance, expenses, and much more.

Most notably, an event planner can help you save your most valuable resource: time. Remember that any time you invest in arranging your event is time taken away from other tasks that could also be supporting your company and your bottom line.

The Final Call

Eventually, you have the final decision on whether you should outsource the planning of your next corporate event. It is also worth noting that outsourcing your corporate event is not an all or nothing decision. Many times outside agencies can support or supplement existing in-house coordination.

If you are confident in your capability to plan and organize your own event there are benefits to facilitating an event in-house. Though, if you have any doubts about your ability to successfully handle all parts of an event from beginning to end considering the services of a trusted and professional corporate event management agency could be more than worthwhile.

Considering outsourcing your next event?

Corporate Compass meeting planners are here to offer you the level of event management you need. We can really help by becoming an extension of your company’s meeting planning division or by filling the role of a meeting planner and managing your whole event. Find out more about how Corporate Compass’s Meetings and Events Solutions can help you plan amazing meetings with proven cost-savings.

What is Business Travel and why it is still Important?

When you hear the word travel, you immediately think of your annual holiday away from job and responsibilities, or the dreadful commute to and from the office. But what is business travel?

Well, business travel includes all travel that takes place for work or business purposes. Whether it be an overnight stay at a hotel near to the head office or a faraway trip to attend a global industry exhibition, businesses travel a lot.

Reasons Why Business Travel is Still Important

In a time when mobile phones and video conferencing are common, some people question the need for business travel. Many companies see business travel as simply an expense and don’t see the benefits that come with it. Sitting in an office and staring at a computer screen is not an alternative for putting your feet on the ground. There are 4 major reasons why business travel is still important.

Closing a Deal or Signing New Business Contract

Face-to-face meetings are essential for closing business deals. Oxford Economics has found that the rate of converting potential customers to actual customers nearly doubles when a face-to-face meeting takes place. In many business sectors, this means closing nearly 100% of the business deals. Some Fortune 100 companies won’t sign big contracts without a face-to-face business meeting between company leaders. Imagine it– would you trust your professional future to someone you’ve never met?


When you are out of the office for business you have the liberty to meet and communicate with people you wouldn’t have from your computer screen. It’s easy to start a conversation with someone you have no direct connection with at all, it happens in daily life. Whether it’s on a station platform, someone ahead of you in a queue or you are introduced by a common friend– you could find there are synergies between your industries or businesses. By getting out of the office environment you instantly expanding your options and uncovering multiple avenues of opportunity.


Two key aspects of leadership are the ability to motivate others to have confidence in you and your company and to inspire others, even though you lack authority. To do this, you need to be transparent– both with co-workers and with clients. Taking the time to meet people in-person can help them feel that you are invested in their success.

Human Interaction

The biggest reason why business travel is essential is to promote personal interactions. Face-to-face meetings can improve understanding and compassion, reduce miscommunication, and foster a team spirit 

Technology is not an alternative for getting in front of your clients and colleagues. Business travel is not only a cost to your business; it can also lead to tremendous benefits and yield new business opportunities.

How to Choose Corporate Travel Agency?

When searching for an alternative corporate travel agency (or starting with one for the first time), there are plenty of questions you might be asking:

– Do I really need to have a corporate travel company?

– How do I find the company that will satisfy all of our requirements while reigning in travel costs?

– How will I know when I’ve found the right Corporate travel agency?

As for the first question, yes, you do need a corporate travel company.

Even better, you need a solution that integrates technology with the human service of booking help and trip support.

As for the second and third question, we’ll be addressing those in the bulk of this post.

46% of Corporate travelers have booked outside of policy for hotel bookings, so something is definitely wrong with the business travel industry.

Rogue Corporate travel bookings are a big problem. With no oversight, out-of-policies bookings only increase.

Keep reading to understand how a travel management company or tool can really help you achieve traveler satisfaction & greater compliance.

What is a corporate travel agency or company?

A travel management company (TMC) is a professional service provider that books and manages travel for a business. Typically, a business will get one or a few key contacts at the agency to assist them to keep all trips within company policy and to provide the travelers 24/7 support.

There are countless different kinds of corporate travel agencies that it’s a struggle to summarize their service offerings. Big companies might provide support in dozens of languages but charge for every call. Smaller companies might be difficult to reach during off-hours and not cover as many languages, but might charge a premium monthly fee that covers all requirements.

Here are the aspects that corporate travel agencies have in common:

– Book trips for employees

– Offer support for rescheduling, cancellations etc.

– Bargain corporate rates & group rates

Traditional corporate travel agencies vs new, advanced options

Do you use a travel agency when booking a holiday in Spain? Probably not. And why is that? Because there are consumer booking websites like Expedia and Booking.com that satisfy all of your needs as a traveler.

The Corporate travel industry is evolving in a similar way.

What’s different about how Corporate travel is evolving (compared to consumer travel).

– Need for less complicated, simpler travel policy compliance.

– No paying out of pocket.

– Travel expenditure reporting.

– Automated expensing.

What’s very similar to consumer travelers’ needs.

– Need for autonomy and self-booking.

– Accessibility to all of the flight and hotel options available around the globe.

– Good user experience.

– Great experience on mobile.

– 24/7 travel support.

So you can see that while businesses do have different needs, there are lots of similarities in what businesses and consumers demand.

Just like tourists, business travelers wish to book for themselves, search from all available options, and enjoy a great experience whether that’s on a call with consumer support or checking their itinerary on a cell phone.

Here’s the problem: the vast number of corporate travel companies have not evolved to these new standards. They’re still pushing employees to call a hotline to book a trip and charging for each and every one of those calls.

This is why when you hire your corporate travel agency, you need to look for a combination of technology and human service. Typically, these solutions are called travel management platforms.

In 2019 and beyond, a company that can only offer the human factor won’t be able to really help your business automate travel policy compliance, whereas a company that concentrates only on technology won’t be able to support your corporate travelers when they’re stuck in a foreign city and can’t get home.

What to look for in a corporate travel company and (most importantly) why?

Easy booking experience

To provide your travelers trip support and your CFO budgetary control, you need not a mix of human service and technology in addition to these critical factors. Here’s our list of what to look for.

The quick and easy booking experience

corporate travelers should be able to book for themselves. Simultaneously, it should be very easy and convenient for administrators to book for others.

Consumer-grade travel inventory

Provide travelers access to all the Airline and hotel brands they want. Lower your travel expenditures by using low-cost airlines like Indigo and Spice Jet. All of the world’s inventory should be available to you as a business without needing to use a consumer tool.

No hidden costs

Understand the fee structure prior to signing up with any travel management company. Try to find red flags like charges for support calls or for simple, regular bookings.

Excellent trip support

This is where the human factor really comes in to play. At this point, there’s no amount of modern technology that can soothe you when your flight has been canceled and you really need to get to an event. A real live human can promptly find you an alternate route. Check for travel support that is offered 24/7, in multiple languages, and has good reviews from travelers.

Built-in travel policies and approvals

What’s the only way to get travel policy compliance? By integrating your travel policy inside the platform where business travel is booked and getting each of your travelers and administrators to use that tool. Not only do you need to find a tool with built-in travel policies and approval workflows, but you also ensure to make sure that the tool hits the above needs for a fantastic traveler experience

Travel spend reporting

Getting clarity into travel expenses is huge! With travel booked in so many different platforms, it’s very difficult to get complete data. Keep in mind that 46% of business travelers have booked on consumer websites. That data is spread all over the place and can’t get accessed until it’s expensed. Search for a company or platform that provides real-time reports for your finance team.

Innovative and scalable

Business travel is still evolving. When hiring travel management companies and/or platforms, it’s great to check that the company is future-ready & innovative

What is a Corporate travel policy & what are its benefits?

A corporate travel policy is a set of rules made by a company for their corporate travel. Used by their travel managers and employees as they plan business trips on behalf of the company, to typically define protocol on business travel. For instance, the requirements needed to book business class seats. The main objective of a good travel policy is to keep travellers safe, while also adhering to the company’s guidelines. Minimizing travel costs is usually a top priority too. If a corporate travel policy is user-friendly, oversees traveller’s security, and up-to-date; overall compliance of the policy will most likely be higher as well.

Benefits of Using Corporate Travel Policies in Your Company

No matter how big or small your company is, if it is going to grow, ultimately it will be in the best interests of your company to engage in corporate travel. Corporate travel does not always mean leaving the country; maybe you just need to meet with the distributor a few states across and an airline will serve you better than a 12-hour road trip. Regardless of what the reason is, corporate travel will always remain an important part of growing any future business and due to this, the corporate travel industry has expanded by leaps and bounds in the last few years. One of the most essential things you can do for your company, specifically as it begins to engage in corporate travel or looks to change its rules, is work on the policies and check out the benefits of corporate travel. So what are some of the best suggestions for corporate travel that your business can implement?

Universal policies

Universal policies can be very beneficial to your corporate travel, and one universal policy that should be highly considered is having corporate travel agents. Corporate travel agents can help you to ensure that your corporate travel policy rules are maintained. This is very important as people from the CEO down to the lowest level may either unintentionally or intentionally do something in such a way that can cost the business money. Maybe your travel policy does not permit first-class reservations for your workers but individuals still try to fly first class and make the company pay for it. These issues can conveniently & simply be handled by having your own corporate travel agents with whom you work to make sure that all rules and policies are maintained.

This can help your company save 1000s of dollars or more in travel costs annually. Not only this but detailed universal policies that your corporate travel agents have access to will also assist your company employees to know precisely what is expected from them when they engage the travel industry. They will know what things are reimbursable, what things are not, whether they need to keep receipts, and so it removes all grey areas. This helps the company people know the rules and what is expected of them which can be a huge relief to the financial department and help ensure overall business cohesion.

Save money

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages of using corporate travel policies for your company is that it can eventually save you money. This is huge advice for those who engage in corporate travel frequently as businesses that do it more frequently see the most savings. One good way of ensuring universal implementation while simultaneously saving money is to use corporate booking tools to book hotels, flights or even rent-a-cars.

Having travel agents and booking tools that help to implement your company travel policies. When everyone in your company uses the same corporate booking tools, the same corporate travel agents, and complies with the same policies, not only will it save money (and also the time), but the money saved will be predictable & reliable which can help you detect incidences or individuals where policies were not kept. 

Limit employee decisions

When your company employees engage in corporate travel, they are doing so with an objective and a purpose in mind for the company. With this in mind, it is necessary that they are able to focus on the task at hand and not be overloaded with a number of small decisions to make as a part of their travel. Limiting employee decisions incorporates things like simply following the policies, using particular booking tools or a particular corporate travel agent, but it can also be extended to things like recommended carriers or particular hotel chains– if they do not wish to stay in those hotels, then they can change hotels at their own expense.

Corporate travel agents and your company itself may have work with specific hotels that have better rates or offer special discounted rates to your employees and so mandating specific hotels or modes of travel can help a business minimize employee confusion while simultaneously earning a huge financial benefit. Employees who have to book their own hotels and make all the other decisions associated with travel are employees whose minds are really going to be divided between the work they’re expected to do on behalf of the company and their own private accommodations. The more choices an employee makes, the more chances are there for policy violation and for the business to lose more money.

The Importance of an Event Management Company for a Successful Corporate Event

Corporate gatherings and events hold special importance for employees that are part of an organization. To turn an ordinary and boring corporate event into a totally exciting and unique event to remember, firms will need to look into hiring a professional events management company, with their experience in conducting the required tasks related to the planning, their professional staff can successfully manage any event. It is very important that no single stone is left unturned while planning for the best corporate party as such gatherings can improve your business image and standard of the firm.

Corporate Compass plan and arrange corporate events customized to meet all the requirements for your theme and particular requests. They ensure perfectly arranged events and give a lavish style, comfortable surroundings, flexibility & luxury for better customer satisfaction. Whether you are planning to get a corporate party or a themed party arranged, event planners design and develop the excellent party ambience for your special occasion.

Organizing for corporate events can definitely be challenging & stressful sometimes but with a professional team of event planners to ensure that your events is a success, all while doing their best to avoid any possible delay or embarrassment. Few real benefits why corporate event planners which can make your corporate event effective and extraordinary are as mentioned below:

• While conducting your events, event planners use their vast knowledge of the industry and experience, which is of great importance to make your events successful. With their huge experience they can effectively manage your events and can skilfully handle problems and emergencies. They are well aware of the current trends, venues, and other special management strategies. Hiring a professional in the industry will ensure an outstanding corporate event.

• Event management companies build strong and vital relations with several clients, buyers and suppliers and this proves to be crucial for your corporate event’s success

• Corporate firms can totally depend upon management companies as they take responsibilities of the event very seriously. Their contacts and planning methods are of high standards. From excellent décor, lightning, flower arrangements to power backups they satisfy all your needs for that perfect bespoke event.

• While planning and getting ready for a corporate private party, management may face emergency situations or last-minute fix ups but everything will always be taken care of by superb speed and ease. Their handling methods when dealing with an emergency is key to manage the situation while not interfering with the guest’s enjoyment, offering the vital resources and everything that it needs to make a successful event.

Hiring professionals in the field holds special importance as event management companies give exceptional quality to your corporate events, which one certainly can’t achieve on their own. Hosting a well-organized event is better than taking failures from unorganized event that shows unprofessionalism in its decor and arrangements. For your event trust a professional event planner.Add style and standard to your corporate party by booking corporate event organisers in Mumbai. The team at Corporate Compass makes sure to provide expert team of corporate event planners to all its corporate clients. For more information visit https://www.corporatecompass.in

Importance of Event Management from A Business Point of view

What is Event Management??

Event Management simply means planning and managing large events. The scope of an event includes several activities related to business, formal & informal gatherings, arts, sports or family functions like the wedding or joyful events.

Choose a Qualified Event Manager!!!

Handling an event can become a challenging task for you if you plan to handle all things by yourself as it requires a lot of time, money & strength. So, going for a professional Event Management companies who are expert in handling such responsibilities is a smart move.

You Will Save Money & Time.

The best event management company will conduct a successful event for you within your budget. Moreover, their perfect coordination and performance will save a lot of time also.

wondering how can they do that? It’s quite simple. They are well- connected with everyone associated with event management industry. From caterers, venue owners/managers, support team, artists & performers, to providers of audio-visual equipment, flowers and other arrangements etc.

So, they find the very best people and negotiate the best prices for your event. They can suggest options if anything isn’t benefiting the event, which in any other case you will be spending time on Google searching.

Relation Between Business and Events

Organizing an event to promote a company is try and tested strategy that can help a company to get attention as well as recognition. A successful event not only allows an established company to regain its importance in the customer’s point of view but it will also help a growing company to create an interest in people about its services/products.

Choosing the Best Event Management Company

Hire A Company That:

Follows all the procedures: Some of the very essential things that make an event successful are: Innovative concept, venue selection, event output and last but not the least error-free execution. So, choose a company that includes all of them.

Helps you from getting started to Finish: 

Choose a company that helps you by; starting and finishing the event in an innovative manner by utilizing its skills by including innovative ideas in an event that would help the event to be more extraordinary.

Is Reliable: 

Planning an event with the help of an event management company that has good track record, is an excellent step as you would know what to expect from the company you are choosing.

Benefits of a Successful Event

If you follow all the above-mentioned suggestions and the event turns out to be a success, then you would not only have the much-required exposure for your company but there would be a significant improvement in the overall reputation of your company.

– Building a positive brand image for your company would also help you to get the attention of many potential consumers and it would also help you develop a good image in the industry that may help your company in long term.

– This is a proven fact that if a brand is widely known, then people would not hesitate to try out a new product or service being introduced to them, ignoring the possible drawbacks related with the same.

– As your company grows, you should try to get more and more of events organized as this would help you to stay in touch with your customers/ potential customers.

Benefits of corporate travel management

What is corporate travel management?

The internet is full of websites offering access to any, and every, type of business travel service you may need. Corporate travel management companies are no exception. Corporate travel management includes the management of a company’s strategic approach to travel, including daily operation of corporate travel program, vendor negotiations, safety and security in the sky, expenditures and proper credit-card management. It is important not to confuse corporate travel management with the services offered by a typical Travel Agency. While these agencies do provide day-to-day travel services to corporate clients, it is corporate travel management specialists who choose the class of service and negotiate fair rates directly with hotels and airlines.

Benefits of Corporate Travel Management

With the enormous pressure and stress associated with today’s corporate economy, the use of corporate travel management will help your business to reach new level. Despite what some big corporations believe, corporate travel management is important for the successful planning and booking of a business trip, providing peace of mind and making sure that every aspect of the trip is covered.

There is no question about it; business travel needs a lot of coordination. Coordination is the key to a successful business travel, which is why at Corporate Compass, we look into the bigger picture of corporate travel to offer you with the very best fares, whether it be flying with the best airlines to facilitated rail travel to the custom corporate tour packages. Even better, here at Corporate Compass, we offer out of hours assistance, so you can contact members of our expert team 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, our specialists can access your travel records at ease to assist you with new reservations and bookings, and also change existing travel arrangements. In case you need to cancel a currently held reservation, that is no issue either! We are here to help with any travel related requirements at any point.

Not everything goes according to plan. Unfortunately, before or during your corporate business trip overseas, the unexpected can happen which can create chaos in your well-planned business trip. Corporate travel management can help to provide you with support before, during and after your trip. You will not lack information when you really need it the most.

Planning a successful business trip doesn’t just include searching cost-effective travel. Depending upon where on the planet you are need to travel for business, you may have to complete a list of complex forms and lengthy paper work. Nevertheless, your Travel Manager is here to help. From ensuring each staff member’s passport is up to date and valid, to ensuring each member travelling holds the applicable visa needed to enter the country comfortably. Corporate travel management help ensures that the next time you are planning a business trip for your company, everything is covered to ensure hassle-free business travel from the very start.

In addition, more importantly, handing over your Business Travel program to a Corporate Travel Management company like Corporate Compass saves time. Time, and the effective use of time, is crucial to many of our client’s requirements from a business travel point of view. PA’s or Travel Booker’s can take hours in researching, planning and booking business travel for their co-workers. We remove that time lag and make the entire process a lot more easy