Corporate Event Management

Be it exotic destinations that are away from the usual track, personalized itineraries, innovative off sites or product/service launches, Corporate Compass offer a range of professional services that will make your event distinct and unforgettable. Our Corporate Services comprise of the entire array of corporate event management, corporate travel management and allied hospitality services. We consider the social and business requisites of our clients, in addition to the distinctive services requested by corporate travelers from various fields. We make sure that we cater to their needs in a perfectly customized manner.

As one of the best corporate event management companies in Mumbai, our services comprise of understanding the brand workings, keeping the target audience in consideration, outlining the event, planning the logistics and managing the technical aspects and executing the requisites of the event.

Our corporate event planner works on saving cost and valuable time for the corporate in organizing the event and offer logistic infrastructure for audio-visual presentations. We personalize the corporate event management services to highlight the brand, logo, persona and business line of the company. The vibes is created to go with the brand image of the company and work towards projecting it for business promotion.

The corporate event management services initiate after broad discussion with the client, and identifying the nature of the audience, company delegates, and expectation of the client in relation to the event. During the corporate event, our organizer remains at the event location to make sure that all aspects are functioning efficiently and any new demand is included into the event management right away. Our prime expertise includes both outdoor and indoor corporate events.

We deliver our services for the following corporate events:

  • Brand Activation & Promotion Events
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Team Building Events
  • Product Launch Events
  • Incentive Programs
  • Company Milestone Events
  • Corporate Trade Shows & Exhibitions
  • Employee & Client Events
  • Gala Events & Awards Ceremonies
  • Dealers Meets
  • Sales Meets
  • Annual Day
  • Internal Events

Key Solutions Designed Specifically for Corporate Events:

  • Event Production
  • Budget Planning
  • Travel & Hotel Bookings
  • Event Management
  • Food & Beverage Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Event Design
  • Lighting
  • Destination Management
  • Audio Visual & Multi-Media Installations
  • Electrical & Power Management
  • Venue Scouting & Negotiations
  • Arrival & Departure Management
  • Event Security

Benefits Of Corporate Event Management:

1. Create Company’s Business Profile

Corporate Compass is one of the best Corporate Event Management Companies in Mumbai which organizes events in a way the best features of the business are well highlighted. The good reputation of your business is certain to boost sales. Your company is also sure of reaching to the customers through right brand messages and advertisements.

2. Right Planning

Corporate Event Planners working with us ensure to note down every single idea so that proper planning leads the execution. Each and every work is assigned to our experts and flexibility in plans is guaranteed. A well planned event will not meet last minute hindrances as every sole aspect is considered and written down.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Hiring one of the experienced Corporate Event Management Companies in Mumbai like Corporate Compass ensures that the event is in secure hands hence making way for increased customer satisfaction. Our corporate event organizers make certain to display high level of skill so that the confidence of the customers is maintained. In each activity, the target audience is given priority and the events are conducted as per their convenience.

4. Integrate Original Ideas

Each event carried out by our specialists will be a novel experience for the customers. There will be zero repetition of ideas that make audience bored. As per the requirements of the clients, we include original ideas in the events making the show energetic. We even make stage for customized events if that is what the client is looking for.

5. Enhanced Risk Management

Any event is prone to uncertainties such as medical emergency, power failure to name a few. Utilizing the expertise our managing team, these can be barred to an extent. We have an enhanced risk management plan in place that can be utilized in case of any emergencies. Some of the steps in the plan comprise of risk determination, determining the prospect of risk occurrence, execution of suitable strategies to eliminate the risk to name a few.

6. Post-event Analysis

Post-event analysis is vital to know whether the event was successful or not and how our corporate event planners performed. This comprise of examining the quality of work done and comparing it with the previous events. Corporate Compass keeps a track of every event so that this can be used to evaluate the approaching ones. Performance of each team is assessed by experts and critical analysis is carried out. This reveals the shortcomings of the event that can be rectified in the prospective events organized by us.

Why Choose Us?

At Corporate Compass, we work on each aspect of event management, concept designing and production. Our team is committed in providing services like safety, backup, video conferencing, stage setup, artiste management and lots more. The events we conduct surpass your expectations by making achievable unique experience altogether.