Due to the growing popularity of adventure sports amongst corporate, a number of companies have started planning their annual outings with a twist of adventure. They are eager to boost the team bonding by doing some outdoor activity. One of the best adventurous activities for a team bonding is ‘Rappelling’. Also known as ‘Abseiling’, Rappelling is a technique exercised for controlled declining from a rocky patch or slope.

At Corporate Compass, we embark on this activity to augment risk-taking abilities of employees and support them in conquering their fears. We thus offer an exciting Rappelling Adventure to the corporate’s to let them live in present and raise their heart beat under the wings of our experienced team.

Offshoot for Rappelling –

The prime purpose of Rappelling Adventure Sports is to increase your adrenaline rush, follow your gut feeling as well as stimulate your team members and work towards collaboration, adaptability, determination & courage.

Here at Corporate Compass, we formulate these challenging programs with our participants’ benefits and security in mind. We ensure that our mantra, “Build Through Play”, will vibrate through every activity in the adventure program. We will assist you in developing your team’s leadership skills, help prevent the barrier that partitions your team by identifying each individual strengths and weaknesses, and in general boost organizational productivity through one-of-a-kind experience.

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Here are 2 simple reasons to take your employees on a Rappelling adventure trip.

Encouraging Participation

Most often, when a company suggests team building exercises or employee engagement activities, most of the workforce roll their eyes and nod it off as another boring task they have to carry out for their job. If you choose to hold your corporate team building with Corporate Compass, your employees will be excited for the chance to be a part of the adventure program.

You can schedule a weekend for all of your team members for Rappelling Adventure that will let them engage with each another in a fun, yet challenging environment, understanding how to co-operate and communicate in valuable ways that other artificial setting can’t make it possible.

Boosting Morale

One of the top benefits to schedule some outdoor activities for your team members on our adventure program is that it will significantly boost their morale. Employees react well when their employer gives right attention in their well-being. By scheduling some spare time for them to unwind, enjoy one another’s company, and achieve important bonding time with their co-workers, you will assist them to amplify their morale, which will transform into loyalty and increased efficiency down the line.