Activities connect people while music connects the soul. Get in sync with your teammates by participating in a drum circle exclusively arranged for you and your workforce.

Corporate Compass organizes corporate drum circle jam sessions, in Mumbai and Pune, as part of its corporate team building activities. A professional musician will be present at the activity to guide and lead. The best part is that there is absolutely no musical experience required to be a part of the activity. The music will flow from within the group consciousness, as each person slowly adapts to the beat of the group.

You can feel free to create your own music, explore the art of playing and follow your rhythm of choice. The goal of corporate drum circle is synchrony. After a point, each member of the team either slows down or goes faster to keep pace with the rest. This activity truly helps bond as participants understand the importance of working together to create a perfect harmony.

Offshoot :
Corporate Drum Circle uses one of the most popular means of socializing to help the team bond: music. Its aim is to help everyone relax, enjoy, and feel comfortable with their colleagues. Too often our hectic work schedules and tight deadlines leave us feeling frustrated with ourselves and with each other. A drum circle promotes harmony of thought and sends an adrenaline rush through the body. This is the perfect activity to promote energy and boost the spirit especially for those who are feeling low after a long, hard week at work. Above all, the activity is extremely fun and entertaining.



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