Corporate Rafting
Corporate Rafting

If you’re bored of the usual company get-together or picnic, why not organize a river rafting adventure for the entire team? River Rafting is popular adventure sport in India. Gradually, it is turning into favorite employee engagement activity for corporate owing to its natural inclination towards team building. It indirectly compels participants to work in a team so as to make a way in fast flowing river and handling rapids coming in between.

Offshoot For Rafting–
The aim of river rafting adventure sport is to build trust and strong teamwork amongst your employees and internal departments while absorbing yourself in all the beauty and splendor of nature. Here are 3 simple reasons to take your employees on a river rafting adventure trip.

    • Progress Through Teamwork
      It’s no hidden secret that river rafting demands the togetherness of all those involved in the activity. It might not be as easy or as comfortable as a company picnic or usual dinner party, but then again, your team members will probably be excited at the idea of leaving off their chairs and spending the day in outdoor. The beauty of river rafting is that the only way to attain a definite goal, i.e. arrive at a destination, is to work together by communicating successfully and completing one’s equal share of the work. River Rafting thus builds people’s confidence and facilitates your team to be thankful for each other’s strengths.
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  • Connecting in Nature
    At the heart of Corporate Compass’s philosophy is an innate love of nature and all that the thrilling adventure sports have to offer. So often, we are restricted to the city or suburbs that we hardly ever find moments to live in the awe-inspiring scenery of a magnificently lush and ecologically diverse region. Taking your team out of their office space and amidst nature gets them closer together and helps them to share in a distinctive experience that will forever keep them connected to each other.
  • More Fun-filled Than A Picnic
    At the end of the day, River Rafting is an exhilarating experience that gives an instant adrenaline rush. Even though every team member is completely equipped with safety gears such as helmet and life jacket and led by a skilled guide, the ecstasy of the rushing waves and the sudden spray of water will electrify their senses and get their heart pumping. All that excitement would tend to make them hungry! Corporate Compass’s full day trips come with a delectable riverside lunch.

The prime locations for River Rafting Adventure Sports are Rishikesh, Dandeli & Kolad.