Treasure hunts are no longer only played at children’s birthday parties. A large number of corporates are recognising the importance of this fun filled activity to rejuvenate their employees, help them interact and bond, while also having a great time.

Corporate treasure hunt events let you bring the inner child in you to light as you get those creative juices flowing. Clues are never straightforward and this encourages you and your teammates to think laterally: a skill which is required in all aspects of your life. Moreover, a treasure hunt encourages you to polish your non-verbal communication powers as well as strategize each move with precision. The thrill of the game lies in finding the next clue and getting closer to the prize along with your teammates.

Corporate Compass can organize different kinds of treasure hunts based on client request, budget, time frame and location preference. We do outdoor treasure hunt events as well as in office treasure hunt challenges.

Offshoot :
Treasure hunts are a series of fun activities which bring the team together in problem solving and lateral thinking. The focus lies on developing analytical skills, problem solving in a limited time frame, working together towards a common goal, sharing knowledge for the benefit of the team, and nurturing a great capacity to negotiate. Treasure hunts require team members to co-ordinate skilfully, learn to communicate effectively by observing verbal and non-verbal cues, and take initiative. The real reward lies not in finding the treasure, but in working together as a team and bonding during the activity.